These 6 global Companies Are Hiring for Non-Phone Remote Jobs Worldwide

non-phones remote jobs

Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reasons. It offers numerous benefits for both employers and employees, such as increased productivity, cost savings, and a better work-life balance. However, not all remote jobs require you to be on the phone continuously, which can be a significant advantage for those who prefer a more independent and flexible work environment.

The Benefits of Remote Work

Employers get to save on overhead costs, such as office space and utilities, while also having access to a broader pool of talent from around the world. 

On the other hand, employees enjoy the flexibility of working from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need to commute daily and allowing for a better work-life balance.

Characteristics of Companies Offering Remote Jobs:

Companies that offer remote job opportunities are typically forward-thinking and embrace modern workplace trends. They recognize the importance of employee satisfaction and understand that remote work can lead to increased productivity and retention rates. These companies often have robust communication tools, clear policies, and a strong culture of trust and accountability.

The Importance of Non-Phone Remote Jobs

Although many remote jobs involve customer support or sales roles that require frequently getting on phone calls, there is a growing demand for non-phone remote jobs. These positions cater to individuals who prefer a quieter work environment, have limited access to a dedicated workspace, or simply prefer writing over talking. 

1. Zapier – Automation for the Modern Workplace

Zapier is a company that specializes in automating workflows and integrating various web applications. 

They are known for their remote-first culture and have a strong emphasis on written communication. 

Zapier offers a wide range of non-phone remote jobs, including engineering, marketing, and technical support roles.

Company Culture and Benefits:

Zapier’s company culture is focused on employee well-being and work-life balance. They offer competitive benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, flexible time off, and an annual company retreat. 

Additionally, Zapier encourages professional growth by providing opportunities for learning and development.

Interview Process and Employee Reviews:

Zapier’s interview process is considered moderately challenging, with a focus on assessing candidates’ problem-solving abilities and communication skills. 

Employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor are generally positive, with high ratings for benefits and work-life balance.

Examples of Non-Phone Remote Jobs:

Technical Support: While this role involves assisting customers, the communication is primarily through written channels such as email, chat, and support tickets. 

Zapier’s technical support positions can pay up to $88,000 per year and typically require around two years of experience.

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2. Keyword Studios – Opportunities in the Gaming Industry

Keyword Studios is a leading provider of services to the gaming and entertainment industries. They offer a variety of remote job opportunities, including community management, game testing, translation, and customer support roles. 

Many of these positions are open to candidates worldwide, allowing for a diverse and globally distributed workforce.

Worldwide Job Opportunities:

Keyword Studios actively recruits for remote positions that can be performed from anywhere in the world. For example, their community management roles involve monitoring social media channels, responding to player queries, and engaging with online communities.

Job Requirements and Responsibilities:

Requirements usually vary depending on the specific role. Keyword Studios generally seeks candidates with 

– Relevant experience

– Strong communication skills, and 

– A deep understanding of the gaming industry. 

Community managers, for instance, are expected to have a solid grasp of social media platforms and community management best practices.

Employee Reviews and Compensation:

Keyword Studios receives generally positive reviews from employees, with a 3.8 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor. 

The benefits may not be as comprehensive as some other companies, but the flexibility and location independence are highly valued. Compensation for roles like community management can range around $63,000 per year.

3. – Where Chess Meets Remote Work is a popular online platform for chess enthusiasts, offering a range of services and resources for players of all skill levels. 

Despite being a niche platform, embraces remote work and hires talent from around the world for various roles, including engineering, translation, and creative positions.

Company Culture and Benefits: prides itself on being a fully distributed company, with team members located globally. They offer competitive salaries, stock options, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Additionally, employees enjoy a flexible work schedule and the freedom to work from anywhere.

Remote Job Opportunities: frequently has openings for remote roles in engineering, product development, and creative fields. 

These positions often allow candidates to work from anywhere in the world, making them accessible to a diverse pool of talent.

Salary and Employee Feedback: is known for offering competitive salaries, with some engineering roles paying upwards of $200,000 per year, along with stock options. 

Employee reviews on Glassdoor are overwhelmingly positive, with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating and high praise for the company’s culture and benefits.

4. Coalition Technologies – Digital Marketing Experts

Coalition Technologies is a leading provider of marketing and web design services. They have a strong remote work culture and actively recruit talent from around the globe for various roles, including web development, social media management, SEO analysis, and email marketing.

Varieties of Non-Phone Remote Jobs:

Coalition Technologies offers a wide variety of non-phone remote job opportunities, catering to professionals with diverse skillsets. From web developers and graphic designers to analysts and accountants, there are numerous positions that do not require extensive phone interactions.

Competitive Benefits and Compensation:

One standout feature of working at Coalition Technologies is their competitive benefits package. Employees can enjoy profit-sharing bonuses of up to 50% of the company’s profits, paid time off, gym memberships, health insurance, and professional development opportunities.

Skill-Based Hiring Process:

Coalition Technologies places a strong emphasis on skill-based hiring. Even if candidates do not meet all the listed requirements, they may still be considered if they perform well on the company’s skills tests. This approach allows for a more inclusive and diverse hiring process.

5. DuckDuckGo – Privacy-Focused Search and Remote Work

DuckDuckGo is a private search engine and browser that prioritizes user privacy and security. While the company is known for its innovative approach to search, it supports remote work and hires talented individuals from around the world for various engineering and product roles.

Remote Work Culture and Benefits:

DuckDuckGo has a fully distributed workforce, with team members located across multiple continents. They offer competitive salaries, stock options, and a dedicated career advisor for each employee. 

DuckDuckGo provides an annual professional development budget and encourages a healthy work-life balance.

High-Paying Job Opportunities:

DuckDuckGo is known for offering highly competitive salaries for its remote job opportunities. 

Engineering roles can pay upwards of $200,000 per year, along with stock options, making DuckDuckGo an attractive option for tech professionals seeking lucrative remote opportunities.

Employee Reviews and Ratings:

DuckDuckGo receives excellent reviews from its employees, with a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor. Employees praise the company’s benefits, leadership, and commitment to personal growth. Their interview process is rated as moderately challenging, ensuring a high-caliber workforce.

6. 10up – Building Digital Experiences

10up is a company that specializes in building websites and tools for content creators. They have a strong focus on remote work and have team members located across six continents and 29 countries. 10up offers a range of remote job opportunities in web development, software engineering, and client strategy.

Remote Work Policies and Benefits:

10up has a remote-first culture and offers a comprehensive benefits package to its employees. This includes paid time off, parental leave, health insurance, retirement plans with company match, flexible work schedules, and an annual professional development budget. 

Every year, 10up hosts an all-team summit and offers opportunities for recognition and bonuses throughout the year.

Job Opportunities in Web Development and Software Engineering:

10up frequently has openings for remote positions in web development, software engineering, and related fields. These roles often involve building websites, tools, and applications for content creators and publishers. Job titles may include Front-End Engineer, JavaScript Engineer, and Full-Stack Developer.

Employee Feedback and Compensation:

10up has generally positive reviews from employees, with a 3.7 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor. Employees praise the company’s benefits, work-life balance, and opportunities for career growth. 

Compensation for web development and engineering roles can range up to $120,000 per year, making 10up a competitive option for tech professionals seeking remote opportunities.


These are just a few amongst the numerous opportunities to work from the comfort of your own space without the constant need for phone interactions.

Remote work is not just a passing trend – it’s a paradigm shift that is reshaping the way we work. So, take time to explore these companies and their job offerings, you can find a remote role that aligns with your preferences and career goals.