12 Work From Home Jobs That Requires No Experience (You Didn’t Know Existed)

work from home jobs no experience

Working from home has become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially since the pandemic. We have seen a widespread acceptance of the remote work culture, where more and more people are looking for online jobs that allow them to work comfortably and safely from home.

The exciting part is that there are plenty of legitimate work-from-home opportunities available right now, even if you don’t have prior experience.

Having taken the time to do the hard work of researching legitimate companies that hire beginners for remote roles, I will be doing the honors of sharing 12 of the best online jobs you can do from home without any experience needed, most of which you probably haven’t heard of. These are real jobs that pay decently well too, not get-rich-quick schemes!

1. Organic Social Media Specialist

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. More businesses are shifting to organic content instead of paid ads too. That opens up opportunities for remote specialists focusing on organic growth rather than marketing spend.

As an organic social media specialist, your role is all about community-building and engagement for branded profiles on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn through content and lead generation activities.

Key duties include:

  • Creating shareable blog posts, videos, and other site content
  • Managing conversations and Responding to user comments
  • Analyzing account data like follower growth and post reach
  • Running special promotions and campaigns
  • Develop influencer partnerships, and
  • Brainstorm viral content ideas

With average pay of $69-126,000 per year, this is a 9.5/10 remote job option for social media power users. And no prior professional experience is required to get started.

Some companies hiring for organic social roles include:

  • SocialMedia.org Institute
  • Overit Media
  • Social Talent

When applying for jobs, highlight any personal social media accounts where you have large followings. If you have no following, TikTok and Pinterest are a good starting point, it’s fairly easy to build a following on these platforms.

2. Leisure Travel Consultant

Imagine getting paid to plan dream vacations for people every day. That’s exactly what leisure travel consultants do!

These professionals connect clients with the perfect destinations and travel products. You’ll advise on flights, accommodation, curate travel itineraries, coordinate transportation, tours & activities based on someone’s budget and wish list.

It’s an exciting career for travel lovers that pays well too. Consultants earn $56-90,000 on average without needing prior industry experience in most cases.

I rate this a 7.5/10 since it helps to have destination expertise even without formal training. Top companies hiring remote consultants include:

  • Expedia
  • American Express Travel
  • World Travel Holdings
  • Travel Planners International
  • Cruise Planners, and
  • Avoya Travel. Hotels, resorts, and even airlines also utilize travel consultants.

Hotels, resorts, and airlines also utilize travel consultants.

It’s an especially great remote job for people who live in popular tourist destinations already. Your firsthand local knowledge gives you an advantage when assisting travelers.

3. Transcriptionist

Companies across practically every industry need audio files and recordings transcribed into text documents. As a full-time freelance transcriptionist, you can work from home transcribing videos, interviews, podcasts, speeches, phone calls, and focus groups.

Transcription doesn’t require any special degree or previous experience. However, mastery of grammar/punctuation rules is vital, along with very strong listening skills and typing abilities. Most transcriptionists utilize speech-to-text software like Otter.ai to expedite work too.

This home-based job pays approximately $15 to $25 per audio hour, making it reasonably lucrative for fast typists. Many transcriptionists earn over $1,000 per month working part-time hours.

4. Virtual Event Coordinator

Event planning is a wildly creative field that easily translates to remote work. And you don’t necessarily need previous event experience to succeed as a virtual coordinator.

Your daily tasks could involve venue research, vendor outreach, budget management, promotion planning, and delegate coordination. It takes stellar communication and multitasking skills. But you get to flex creative muscles while earning a good living too.

Average pay is around $45,000 but stretches to $90,000+ for senior roles. With so much virtual event demand lately, it’s an exciting industry with tons of growth and learning potential.

I rate this option 8/10 for income and flexibility. Top remote hiring companies include:

  • SocialTables
  • Events.com
  • Conference Careers

5. Beta Reader

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read unpublished books and provide feedback to authors before their work hits the shelves? That’s exactly what beta readers do!

As a beta reader, you would review unfinished manuscripts, critique plot holes, check for inconsistencies, and provide suggestions for improvement. Your feedback helps ensure that published books are high-quality and reader-approved.

It’s an enjoyable job for book lovers. You get to be one of the first people to read upcoming releases in your favorite genres. Beta reading services typically pay around $20 per hour, but experienced freelancers can earn much more.

To get started, check out websites like:

  • Reedsy
  • Scribophile
  • Online Writing Jobs
  • Upwork
  • Online Book Club
  • Beth Hill’s The Editor’s Blog
  • Goodreads.

They frequently post beta reading job openings.

With no degree or experience required, I rate it a 7.5/10 for opportunity.

6. Scheduler/Scheduling Coordinator

If you’re highly organized and detail-oriented, a remote scheduling role could be perfect for you.

Schedule coordinators handle the essential task of managing calendars and appointments for businesses and executives. You would book meetings, organize events, arrange speaking engagements, Optimize schedules for staff efficiency, and confirm attendance details.

It’s a fast-paced logistics role with lots of variety each day, tight deadlines and high volumes of appointments. Schedulers earn around $39,000 to $59,000 annually. Though some senior coordinator jobs request degrees, most entry-level openings train candidates on-site.

Scheduling coordinators are the backbone of industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics. Also, major universities, government agencies, and corporations all utilize scheduling coordinators extensively behind the scenes.

Staff scheduling agencies that hire remote workers include:

  • ShiftMed
  • Rx relief
  • Galaxy Medical

I rate it a 7.5/10 for decent work-life balance and income stability too.

7. Remote Search Analyst

Love surfing the web? Companies will pay you to do it as a remote search analyst.

Your job is to analyze how search algorithms (text, video, images) perform on websites, apps, and social media. Essentially, You test out searches to make recommendations on improving relevance and accuracy for given search queries.

It’s an easy way to get paid for what you’re already doing online. Most search analyst positions don’t require a college degree or prior experience. Strong communication skills, attention to detail, and social media familiarity are bigger priorities. The average salary range is $52 – $94,000 annually.

Some well-known companies hiring remote analysts are:

  • Lionbridge
  • NexRep
  • ZeroChaos
  • Google
  • Veritone
  • Amazon
  • Telus International
  • Apple.

I give this an 8.5/10 as a flexible way to earn great pay from home.

8. Remote Data Entry Clerk

Every industry relies on data to operate. As a remote data entry clerk, your job is to keep information organized for business teams to analyze and make decisions.

  • organizing complex information
  • correcting data sets,
  • transferring files,
  • formatting spreadsheets/reports,
  • ensuring accuracy
  • consolidating data sources.

You’ll get hands-on experience collecting, cleaning, formatting, and reporting on datasets big and small. It’s interesting backstage work that builds valuable tech skills too.

Entry-level data clerks average around $45-68,000 per year full-time. You might start lower at first but can quickly earn pay bumps as you learn. No degree or past experience is required, making this an 8.5/10 option.

Well-known companies hiring data personnel right now include:

  • LexisNexis
  • Pitchup
  • SkyTech Solutions

Though some managerial data jobs expect degrees, most coordinator roles provide on-site training.

Also, Udemy and Coursera offer beginner-friendly SQL, Excel, data analysis, and data visualization courses to help skill up for coordinator roles.

9. Remote Call Center Specialist

Call center roles often receive a bad rap, but they shouldn’t be overlooked as remote work options – especially for entry-level candidates. Call centers desperately need people due to high turnover rates. Requirements are minimal, and trainings are usually provided.

As a customer service rep (CSR), you would troubleshoot technical issues, handle customer service calls, respond to inquiries via chat/email, walk clients through processes, and calm frustrated callers. Though stressful at times, the job teaches invaluable communication abilities.

With plenty of companies hiring beginners without any experience, CSRs typically make $30-45,000 per year.

Most companies promote employees who perform well after 6-12 months.

Some hiring firms include:

  • Concentrix
  • TTEC Jobs

I rate this option 7.5/10.

While it won’t make you rich, it’s one of the easiest ways to land a legitimate work-from-home job with major corporations and transition into less hectic remote roles over time.

10. AI Virtual Assistant

AI virtual assistants utilize artificial intelligence tools to handle administrative tasks, research problems, track data, and solve problems for businesses. It’s an emerging remote career with lots of growth potential as AI technology advances.

In this role, you would use AI platforms like Clara, Ada, and Otto to streamline workflows. You may also create training data sets to improve the capabilities of AI systems. Additional responsibilities could include:

  • documenting AI processes
  • assisting other virtual assistants
  • helping community members
  • Mentoring fellow virtual assistants
  • Creating standard operating procedures
  • Researching ideas and best practices
  • Helping organize company knowledge

The average virtual assistant makes $41,000 to $68,000 per year, but AI virtual assistants can likely command even higher salaries due to their technical skills.

To browse AI virtual assistant jobs, check out companies like;

  • Belay Solutions
  • Moneypenny
  • Smith.ai
  • Boldly
  • Inklings
  • Kasisto

With lots of growth potential in AI, I rate this a 9/10 opportunity score.

11. Crypto/Finance Writer

The crypto and finance industries urgently need skilled writers to create guides, explainers, tutorials, and other materials related to market news, trends, financial advice, economic analysis & thought leadership. Businesses in these industries have money to spend on quality content.

The income potential is huge.

Finance writers earn approximately $63,000 per year on average. With crypto content writing, earnings can stretch even higher due to the premium prices companies pay for blockchain expertise.

Some firms that hire beginning finance writers remotely are careerAdda, Express Writers, and Content Writers Hub. For more advanced crypto/finance writing gigs, major outlets like the Motley Fool, The Street, and Cointelegraph are a good place to look.

I rate this a 9/10 opportunity.

12. Legal Intake Specialist

You don’t need a law degree to start a legal career from home. Many law firms hire intake to handle client communications and case management.

As a legal support staff, you would conduct initial client meetings, gather background details on legal cases, assist with documents, compile evidence files, and direct callers to appropriate law firm departments.

It’s an interesting behind-the-scenes support role for fast-paced law office environments. Intake specialists earn approximately $39,000 to $54,000 annually.

Though legal experience isn’t mandatory, strong communication abilities, empathy, and administrative talents are crucial. Entry-level openings provide extensive on-site training too.

Intake roles are excellent resume builders for paralegals and future attorneys. Hands-on learning about legal workflows helps cement long-term career prospects.

Some hiring law firms include:

  • Priori Legal
  • Axiom
  • Disco

I rate this role 7.5/10. It’d indeed a promising entry-level remote opportunity.

Here’s a BONUS for you,

13. Virtual Event Coordinator

Event planning is a wildly creative field that easily translates to remote work. And you don’t necessarily need previous event experience to succeed as a virtual coordinator.

Your daily tasks could involve venue research, vendor outreach, budget management, promotion planning, delegate coordination, and more. It takes stellar communication and multitasking skills. But you get to flex creative muscles while earning a good living too.

Average pay is around $45,000 but stretches to $90,000+ for senior roles. With so much virtual event demand lately, it’s an exciting industry with tons of growth and learning potential.

Top remote hiring companies include:

  • SocialTables
  • Events.com
  • Conference Careers

I rate this option 8/10 for income and flexibility.

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