12 Remote Jobs Paying up to $42 Per Hour – Hiring Now (No Experience)

high paying remote jobs

Searching for a remote job without rigid requirements or stressful phone calls.?

If this is you reading this right now, then you are in luck. You have come to the right place.

There are options out there – decent paying remote jobs you can get without experience or phones. In this post, we’ll uncover 12 such roles so you can find a better work from home opportunity.

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1. Lead Generation Specialist at Lead Simple

Lead Simple is a company that provides lead generation services for businesses. And they’re currently hiring for a Lead Generation Specialist position that doesn’t list any location requirements.

This means it’s likely open to applicants worldwide!

As a Lead Generation Specialist, your core responsibility will be researching and building lead databases for the sales team. Rather than getting on sales calls, you’ll be on the front end – identifying and verifying contact information for potential new business.

It’s an excellent work from home job if you enjoy research and data entry.

You’ll get to:

  • Conduct research to build lead databases
  • Verify the accuracy of gathered data
  • Ensure a reliable, high-quality database
  • Monitor industry trends

The pay at Lead Simple can range quite a bit based on experience, but their open roles indicate around $36-$37 per hour on average.

There are also some nice benefits like paid time off, health care allowance, and more.

According to the job listing, no prior experience is required. Just strong attention to detail, efficiency with CRM platforms, and solid communication skills. APPLY HERE

2. SEO Content Writer at Speakeasy Marketing Inc

If writing is more your forte, check out Speakeasy Marketing.

They provide website development and content services for law firms and are hiring SEO content writers now.

As a content writer, you’ll create articles, edit transcripts, and optimize content. Most assignments involve topics surrounding legal services.

Here are some of the key tasks:

  • Edit interview transcripts
  • Write SEO articles (700 words on average)
  • Optimize pages for search engines
  • Ensure content is compelling and informative

No legal experience is required for this remote writing job. You just need strong writing skills, attention to detail, and a grasp of SEO best practices.

Speakeasy pays per project, with transcription edits starting at $40 per transcript. SEO articles are billed by the hour.

This is an independent contractor role with flexibility to make your own schedule. You can work part-time or full-time hours depending on your availability. APPLY HERE

If you’re active on social platforms, This next role could be a great fit for you;

3. Social Media Agent at LiveWorld

LiveWorld has openings now and they provide services to high-profile brands worldwide.

As an agent, your responsibilities include:

  • Review and approve/reject social media content
  • Respond to customer questions and engage users
  • Identify and escalate social media trends and issues

It’s similar to an online community moderator but focused on branded social channels. You won’t be expected to make posts or actively manage campaigns.

Most communication happens via chat/messaging. The only phone aspect is occasional training calls. You will engage directly with customers through comments and conversations.

LiveWorld wants candidates with strong written communication abilities. But you can apply without relevant social media or customer service experience.

The pay rate averages $22-$48 per hour for this remote work from home job. APPLY NOW

4. Tutor on Studypool

Tutoring on Studypool can be very lucrative. Top tutors here make over 7.5K a month which works out to around $43 per hour if full-time.

Of course, very few achieve rates that high starting. But even for part-time, it offers flexible earning potential.

As a tutor, students submit questions and you provide written explanations to help them understand concepts. Sessions are one-off and typically very short.

You simply log in when you have availability, claim an open question, and type your response. Subjects span everything from high school math to advanced engineering.

No tutoring experience is necessary. As long as you have above average expertise in a topic and can explain things clearly, you’re a good fit. Strong communication skills are key.

Create a free profile and Studypool will assess your background to determine eligibility. Pay rates start at 15-22 per completed audio hour. JOIN STUDYPOOL HERE

5. Transcription Jobs at TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe has been hiring home-based workers for over 10 years. They offer transcript files in many languages with opportunities across the globe.

As a transcriber, you’ll listen to short audio clips and type out verbatim transcripts. Most files are only 2-4 minutes long so it’s beginner-friendly. The interface shows transcription as you type too.

TranscribeMe pays $15-$70 per completed audio hour depending on test scores. You can set a flexible schedule and work when convenient. Payments are sent weekly via Paypal.

No experience, minimum hours, or special equipment needed. All you need is a computer, internet access, and decent typing abilities – at least 50 WPM but accuracy is more important.

The quick file lengths make this a great side hustle option. Just log in after your regular job and knock some out in your downtime.

6. Subtitling & Captioning At Rev

Rev not only offers transcription work but also captioning and subtitling jobs you can do from home. And you can join their workforce without industry experience.

As a subtitle or caption editor, you’ll listen to audio recordings or watch videos and add text overlays. This makes content more accessible for hearing impaired viewers or situations with no sound.

Here’s an overview of each role:

  • Transcription – Type written documents from audio or video files
  • Captioning – Add text including environmental sounds for videos
  • Subtitling – Display dialogue and conversations on videos

Pay rates vary but run $1-$3 per audio/video minute depending on the project. Top performers can average over $250 per week part-time.

Create your schedule and work as little or as much as you want. All it takes is internet access, media playback tools, word processing software, and strong listening skills. Join Rev

7. Voice Writer for 3Play Media

In case you’re looking for something a bit different, 3Play Media hires for a unique role called Voice Writer. It involves captioning live streams in real-time.

As a remote voice writer, you’ll listen in on live events, repeat what’s said out loud, and relay it for instant captions on the fly.

Your speech feeds into automated software that outputs text captions to the streaming platform. There’s a slight delay between the live audio and captions – usually under 15 seconds.

It’s an interesting hybrid role blending transcription, broadcasting, and technology. You must be able to:

  • Speak clearly and consistently
  • Listen closely without distraction
  • Captions events up to 1.5 hour long
  • Multitask focus between screens

No prior experience is required. 3Play Media provides all the tools and training you need. Their transcription jobs pay $20-$30 per hour on average which may reflect voice writing wages too.

Just ensure you have a good headset, internet connection, quiet workspace, and solid communication abilities. This innovative job lets you work remotely helping make live events more accessible. See all current opening

8. Customer Support Specialist at QuickMail

QuickMail offers customer support roles to home-based workers too. These focus on their suite of sales and email automation tools for businesses.

As a Customer Support Specialist, you’ll field questions from users having issues with the software. Rather than phone calls, most communication is handled via email and chat.

Here are some examples of what you’ll do:

  • Troubleshoot problems users are facing
  • Guide customers through software features
  • Research solutions and provide instructions
  • Document issues for the developer team
  • Assist with account setup

It’s a nice blend of support duties and light technical writing. The biggest requirements are patience, empathy, and communication abilities.

QuickMail wants specialists who can explain things clearly and remain friendly even when users are frustrated. No prior support experience is necessary, though.

Pay starts at $36k per year for full-time hours. With openness to flexible scheduling and remote work, it’s worth checking out!

9. Medical Scribe at TeleScribe

TeleScribe posts virtual medical scribe jobs fairly often. These provide excellent remote roles for pre-med students or anyone interested in healthcare.

As a scribe, you’ll listen to audio recordings of patient visits. Using those, you’ll log details from appointments, exams, assessments, and more into the medical provider’s databases.

It’s essentially medical data entry. An ability to navigate online record systems is helpful but no health care experience is required.

Core duties include:

  • Document patient visit and exam details
  • Update medical charts and history

Here’s the continuation of the medical scribe section:

  • Document patient visit and exam details
  • Update medical charts and history
  • Monitor pending lab and radiology results
  • Adhere to medical facility guidelines

As a home-based contractor, you’ll create your own schedule and can work part-time hours. The pay rate averages $10-$15 per hour, making TeleScribe best suited as a side job option.

While it doesn’t pay massively high, medical scribing lets you gain substantial knowledge of healthcare administration and workflows in a short time. It can open doors if considering a clinical career down the road. APPLY HERE

10. Online Evaluator Roles at Appen

Appen, formerly known as Leapforce, hires independent contractors worldwide for online evaluator jobs. These involve training AI algorithms and ensuring internet platforms function properly.

Here are some examples of their open home-based positions:

  • Search Engine Evaluators – Provide ratings so search platforms return relevant results
  • Social Media Evaluators – Ensure ads follow brand guidelines and are suitable
  • Data Collection Analysts – Classify commodity descriptions, locations, etc
  • Transcription Editors – Check automated transcripts for correct grammar and spelling

You’ll work independently through project bundles called “tasks” in your language. Most communication goes through an internal messaging system.

Flexibility and control over your schedule are major advantages here. The availability of international remote gigs is a plus too.

Appen states no experience is necessary. Fluency in your native language along with good judgment skills tends to be enough. Internet savviness helps as well.

Pay is project-based starting around $15 per hour. But from user reviews, $30 per hour appears common for their remote contract jobs. APPLY

11. Call Review Jobs at Humanatic

If you don’t mind analytic work, Humanatic hires for call reviewer positions often. You’ll evaluate recorded customer service and sales calls for companies aiming to improve results.

As a call reviewer, you will:

  • Listen to call recordings
  • Evaluate interactions based on criteria
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Summarize key patterns in reports

Strong listening skills are a must. You need patience too since some calls run fairly long. An analytical mindset helps pick out subtle trends over time.

No direct customer interaction or phone work required. It’s purely information analysis.

Humanatic allows you to set your hours and work at your own pace. Everything is done on your computer over the internet. While pay is somewhat low for US-based workers at $14.50 per hour, it provides flexible part-time income. APPLY

Finally, we have;

12. Microtasking On Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), is a microtasking platform operated by Amazon. If you aren’t familiar, micro-tasking involves getting paid small amounts to complete basic online tasks.

It’s a way to make some side cash quickly in your spare time. You won’t earn big bucks per hour but it adds up over time.

Common microtasks on MTurk include:

  • Data processing
  • Information lookup
  • Categorization
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription

You can sign up using your existing Amazon account. No interview or onboarding process either. Just check the site for tasks matching your skills when you have some downtime.

Most tasks pay between $0.01 – $1.00. Earnings depend entirely on your activity level. Regular users average around $25 per hour which can supplement income from other remote jobs nicely. Join here

These 12 jobs let you gain skills and experience from home at competitive rates. Whether you want to tutor, write, analyze data, or something else, remote roles are out there.

Check the specific requirements for each to see the best fit based on your background and professional interests. With remote work only growing in popularity, no prior experience isn’t the roadblock it used to be thankfully.

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