17 Hot New Niches Guaranteed to Make Money in 2024

how to make money in 2024

Can you believe we are already a few months into 2024? How time flies.

As the days continue to go by, I’m always looking for the next big thing—an emerging trend, a new platform going viral, a spike in searches for “how to make money from…X”. I want to ride the wave and capitalize early before others catch on.

I’ve crawled through all the latest statistical data to identify the top trending niches that are super hot right now and have major money-making potential in 2024.

As you’ll see, you can profit from these trends in various ways –

  • Selling print-on-demand products
  • Creating digital products
  • Making AI-generated YouTube and TikTok videos
  • Building an affiliate site

So let’s dive right into the first trending niche…

1. Japanese Art and Culture

Konnichiwa readers! There’s an ongoing boom in interest for all things related to Japanese art and culture. Anime, J-pop, mangas, travel, language—you name it.

I checked Google Trends and saw search volumes for topics like “Japanese culture” and “Japanese art” have skyrocketed since 2021 with no signs of slowing.

You can easily play into this trend in several ways:

Print-on-demand: Japanese art prints are massively popular for stationery, home decor, apparel, phone cases, and other merch. For example, this trending magon Etsy slaps a famous 18th-century Japanese woodblock painting onto a mug. It cashes in on classic artwork that’s now in the public domain.

Digital products: Japanese history buffs also snap up printable artwork. Check out this collection of historical Japanese wall art prints killing it on Etsy.

Dropshipping: The Japanese streetwear aesthetic is thriving, especially Gen Z fashion staples like these pants on AliExpress.

YouTube/TikTok: Both platforms eat up videos about learning Japanese. Quizzes perform particularly well, like this TikTok testing vocabulary which almost hit 2 million views.

💡 Pro tip: I made a video breaking down exactly how to create money-making quiz videos with Canva and ChatGPT.

The list style is also wildly popular for “Top 10 Places to Visit in Japan” or “Weirdest Japanese Foods” videos.

Japanese art and culture are viable in several niches.

Now let’s move on to the next scorching hot trend…

2. Retirement

Searches around retirement planning are experiencing a major uptick year after year according to Google Trends. And it makes complete sense – more and more baby boomers are retiring every single day.

This niche has online business potential across the board:

Funny retirement gag gifts are always bestsellers on on-demand platforms like Etsy. Take this “World’s Okayest Retiree” mug cracking up buyers with 400+ reviews.

Digital retirement posters also perform well in this evergreen niche. Like this minimalist printable that’s sold over 400 copies at $5.99 a pop.

And for affiliate marketers, promoting investment products to the retirement crowd can be hugely profitable thanks to big commissions.

Take Capitalist Exploits, a financial advisory service helping retirees grow their wealth. They pay affiliates between $1,500-$3,000 per referral!

Helping folks prepare for their golden years clearly pays the bills.

3. AI Chatbots

While interest in AI art generators seems to have flattened, AI chatbots like ChatGPT are still red hot and getting hotter based on the Google Trends data.

OpenAI, Google’s Bard AI, Microsoft’s Copilot – curiosity around conversational AI keeps growing rapidly.

The money making opportunity here? Info and tutorial videos. Share tutorials explaining how to use tools like Nvidia AI.

The YouTube ad rates around AI topics are sky-high right now. I posted a ChatGPT video and made over $20 per 1,000 views. Most vids only get $2-8!

That’s 2-4X higher than average!

AI obsession isn’t disappearing anytime soon. So let’s ride this wave before everyone starts making AI content.

Let’s move to our next trend…a controversial one for sure…

4. Politics

Now I know politics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But in big election years, it absolutely dominates online discussion and attention.

2024 is the next US presidential election cycle. So even though political interest isn’t peaking yet according to Google Trends, it undoubtedly will be soon as we get closer just like 2020.

And despite politics being controversial and divisive, products for every partisan perspective still manage to sell extremely well on Etsy:

  • This liberal “Defend Freedom” print-on-demand t-shirt has 170+ glowing reviews
  • While this conservative “Back the Blue” shirt has 300+ sales

I expect a similar trajectory this year. Controversy attracts eyeballs, and where there’s hype, there’s money to be made. But politics can also get messy quickly. So tread carefully.

Better still,

YouTubers and TikTokers can cash in big too creating news roundups and political commentary surrounding the election cycle.

Or avoid controversy altogether by starting a trivia channel testing people’s knowledge on political figures like this TikTok account that earned nearly 2 million views on a single video!

5. Boho Style

The boho hippie aesthetic is making a roaring comeback according to Google Trends data – and it’s evident by what’s trending across multiple platforms:

  • Boho jewelry is selling like crazy among dropshippers on AliExpress
  • Streamlined boho clothing designs are bestsellers for print-on-demand sellers on Etsy
  • Bright, geometric, flowing boho styles dominate contemporary women’s fashion

I think it’s popularity comes from a desire to return to artsy, non-conformist roots. To rebel against the status quo. And honestly, as a designer boho is fun and easy to create for thanks to the colorful patterns.

(For tips on designing print-on-demand apparel with Canva that sells, grab my free starter guide here.)

Now let’s get into niche #6…

6. Decluttering

Americans have been on a major decluttering kick since 2020. And it shows no signs of slowing even in 2023 according to Google Trends.

Minimalism took the world by storm through Marie Kondo and tiny home living. Now organizing and purging clutter is hugely popular not just as a necessary chore but almost as a hobby.

People are posting decluttering videos showing themselves tidying overflowing drawers to millions of satisfied views.

And digital decluttering planners and checklists are shooting up on Etsy as customers look for extra structure. Like this 5 page printable that sold 400+ copies last month at $4.99.

7. Deep Work

“Deep work” refers to the coveted ability to focus deeply on a cognitively demanding task without distractions.

And Google Trends confirms more and more people desperately want to master it. No surprise with shorter attention spans and information overload.

The most obvious monetization route are Study with me videos for YouTube and TikTok!

These recordings of people studying while lo-fi beats play in the background are enormously popular. Some even hit 10+ million TikTok views.

You can also create study tip quiz videos around specific niches like medical school tutoring. This doctor posts quick 5 question quizzes testing knowledge that consistently gets hundreds of thousands of views each.

8. Preppy Style

Fashion comes and goes in waves. And preppy is back in a major way according to the Google Trends data.

Preppy style features lots of bright colors set against clean white backdrops. Pastel pink, blue, and yellow paired with neutral beiges. Graphic knits and collared shirts.

It channels country club chic vibes. Luxury, leisure and wealth.

On AliExpress you can spot the trend taking over dropshipping stores through bracelet charms and pearl jewelry.

And Etsy best sellers reveals that print-on-demand preppy patterns saturating wall art and home decor. Like this floral watercolor poster that crushed it with 750+ sales.

9. Stained Glass Design

This niche came out of left field for me. But stained glass artwork has seen a dramatic revival since 2020 that’s still going exponential.

My guess is the nostalgic, kaleidoscopic style reminds people of being in awe gazing up at church windows as a kid. It certainly has that magical feel.

Etsy sellers are taking notice and catering to hobbyists with downloadable patterns for DIY projects.

And print-on-demand mugs let you admire the colorful designs right in your cupboard.

This trend has also bled into decorative window privacy film you can order off AliExpress and install for instant vibrant style.

10. Saving Money

It’s no surprise that money-saving strategies like budgeting, couponing, and thrifting fell off during 2020-2021 when government stimulus checks flooded household bank accounts.

But with rampant inflation squeezing wallets dry, Google Trends shows all those frugality topics rapidly gaining search volume again.

One guy exploding on YouTube right now is Caleb Maddix and his extreme budgeting tips to hack savings. Doubling down on rice and beans in the name of early retirement!

And he’s not alone – affiliate marketing by pitching programs that help people lower expenses can make you an absolute killing right now.

YNAB for example pays affiliates $6-$10 per free sign up. Literally getting paid when people pay $0!

11. Knitting

Knitting has experienced a huge cultural revival thanks to fun, flirty social media influencers making what was historically seen as “grandma hobby” cool and hip again.

And Google Trends confirms interest picking up more traction each year over the past decade.

Print-on-demand knitting patterns on shirts and mugs make fantastic evergreen gifts on Etsy and Redbubble for the fiber arts crowd. Like this “Knitting is My Superpower” mug with 100+ sales.

And dropshippers can cash in on viral knitting machines blowing up on TikTok like this one that just hit 11 million views. People are obsessed with these compact, portable devices that let you pump out stitches with the push of button.

12. Video Marketing

As creators realize the power video wields in capturing buyer attention AND converting that interest into sales, interest in video marketing tactics keeps soaring year after year.

And it’s platform agnostic. YouTube video marketing interest – up. TikTok marketing interest – up even more!

So if you’re considering launching a social media agency, specialized video production should be front and center on your service list.

Low quality videos on TikTok sharing quick video marketing tips consistently hit hundreds of thousands of views. Proof you don’t need slick production.

13. Customized Gifts

Generic gifts from the drugstore aisles just don’t cut it anymore. People want personalized presents that feel special and meaningful.

Google Trends shows interest in customized gifts growing. And Etsy revealed searches for custom pet gifts grew 18% last year!

Selling customized digital downloads is a scalable ecommerce solution. Stuff like custom portraits of pets or minimalist drawings of people. Low overhead but high perceived value.

You can also print single name mugs and t-shirts on-demand through platforms like Printful. This shop sold 17 personalized mugs in just 24 hours!

14. Walkable Cities

Urban planning prioritizing pedestrian access and public transport over cars saw a dip in interest for a bit according to Google Trends.

But momentum is clearly shifting back towards concepts like walkable cities that people can navigate seamlessly without vehicles.

And interest in public transportation itself has absolutely exploded over the past 2 years.

Tap into this trend by selling public transport themed merchandise like this popular Etsy t-shirt targeting train enthusiasts.

15. High Protein Diets

Protein remains white hot and high protein diets continue gaining traction year after year.

By slashing carbs and replacing calories with chicken, fish, eggs, and plant proteins like beans, you can torch fat quickly while feeling full.

Big supplement brands like ProteinWorks have taken notice, catering to this trend with entire product lines of powders and high protein meal prep kits.

And they shell out generous affiliate commissions too – up to 12% on all purchases driven through your links for 30 days.

You can promote these types of offers successfully on Pinterest since the keto/paleo crowd hangs out there. Or create YouTube recipe videos showing how to make protein packed meals.

16. Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity refers to different ways the human brain can develop and process information. Things like ADHD and autism spectrum.

And with mental health becoming less stigmatized, more people are seeking diagnoses and answers for why they’ve felt different their whole lives. Hence rapidly rising Google searches.

On Etsy, pride neurodiversity merchandise helps people embrace their unique wiring. Like this ADHD empowerment t-shirt with the slogan “Normal Sucks“.

Digital products provide additional value for the community. This printable ADHD planner with organizational tools has sold 8,000+ copies.

Dropshippers should stock fidget devices that help people with neurodiverse focus challenges. Spinners, cubes, rings, etc. This TikTok video alone of magnetic liquid blob fidgets drove 11k+ orders!

17. 2000’s Nostalgia

The days of scrunched hair and dangerously low rise jeans are back! 2000’s fashion and media represents the childhoods of older Gen Z and young millennials driving culture.

And according to Google Trends, searching for Y2K, 2000s, 90s, 80s in that order demonstrates the slow progression of nostalgia. We’ve officially cycled back 20 years.

On Etsy, newer shops like this one themed exclusively around 2000’s prints achieved 300 orders within the first month of opening! Proving this underserved niche has big potential.

That wraps up my mega list of 17 trending niches almost guaranteed to be big money makers in 2024!

If you made it this far, pat yourself on the back!

Let me know which one you found most interesting and might consider targeting this year. I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

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