9 Websites That Will Pay You Daily

9 websites that will pay you daily

The internet gives us many ways to generate extra income in your spare time if you know where to look. The secret is finding the right sites that offer legit micro-tasks, convenient payouts, and a good reputation.

There are legitimate websites that will pay you every single day for simple online tasks like taking surveys, playing games, answering questions, editing photos, product testing, and more.

While the income from any one site may not replace your day job, collectively they allow you to steadily earn money around the clock. Think about $5-10 per day, which accumulates to $150-300 per month when it compounds – not bad for micro tasks you can complete in your spare time from your smartphone.

We would cover how to get started, task types, payment methods, and other relevant information for each website.

Here are 9  websites that offer easy remote gigs with daily payouts.


Listverse provides an exciting opportunity to get paid for publishing engaging articles. The platform focuses exclusively on “list-based” articles that count down intriguing info around a central topic.

To make money on listicle, you create your own top 10 list ideas and submit them for review. If accepted, your article gets published and you receive a flat payment of $100 per post via PayPal.

Your List idea can cover intriguing topics across categories like; history, science, pop culture, current events, etc. But the lists need to be specific, clearly numbered, and informative. Some examples are; “Top 10 Greatest Inventions of the 1920s”, “Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanoes”, “Top 10 1980s Hair Metal Bands”, “Top 10 Rarest Medical Conditions”, The more targeted your list idea the better.

To submit an article,

  • Go to listverse, and click on submit a list
  • Write your list in a Word doc using the site’s article template. This structures your post properly and adds links, images, and videos (these are optional).
  • Upload it for review.

The submission process is a bit competitive, so focus on creating highly shareable, engaging posts that will capture reader interest. If your article is accepted, it will be published on Listverse within 6 weeks and you’ll receive your $100 pay via PayPal 7 days after publishing.

While not a full-time gig, writing thoroughly researched, insightful top 10 lists can provide a decent side income for those who enjoy writing about fascinating facts and trivia. $100 for a single article is lucrative pay compared to most freelance writing sites.

How long should my submitted articles be?

According to Listverse’s Author’s Guide, submitted articles should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words max. The introduction could be about 100-200 words long, and each paragraph on the list should be about 200-300 words long. This gives you enough space to provide interesting and informative content, while also keeping your articles concise and easy to read.

If your article is too short, it may not be considered for publication. If your article is too long, it may be difficult for readers to read and digest. The goal is to write an article that is informative and engaging, but not too long or too short

Can I submit lists I’ve already published elsewhere?

No, Listverse only accepts 100% original and unpublished content. Listverse has a policy against duplicate content. If you submit a list that has already been published elsewhere, it will be rejected.

If you have already published a list on another website, you will need to make significant changes to it before you can submit it to Listverse.

If rejected, can I rework and resubmit my article?

Yes, you can edit or modify your article based on feedback from Listverse and resubmit the updated version. The Listverse editors will provide you with feedback on why your article was rejected. You need to address these specific reasons in your revised article.

How much does Listverse pay per accepted post?

You receive a flat fee of $100 paid via PayPal per article that gets accepted and published on Listverse. Regardless of the length or quality of the post. Listverse does not offer any other forms of compensation, such as royalties or bonuses. Payment is issued 30 days after your post goes live on the site.

matt par tubemastery


This website offers a way to earn money in your spare time by transcribing short clips.

TranscribeMe is a transcription site that provides human transcription services for audio and video files. They offer a variety of transcription services, including general transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription, video transcription, translation, and data annotation. They also offer translation services in over 100 languages. TranscribeMe uses a hybrid transcription model that combines speech recognition technology with human transcriptionists, and that’s where you come in.

To get started,

  • Create a TranscribeMe freelancer account.
  • Complete the training program. The training program will teach you the basics of transcription and how to use TranscribeMe’s transcription software.
  • Take the transcription exam. The exam will test your transcription skills and knowledge of TranscribeMe’s style guide.
  • Once you pass the exam, you will be able to start transcribing audio files.

Once you have passed the exam, TranscribeMe will assign you transcriptions based on your availability and your skill level. You will be able to see the transcriptions that are available to you in the TranscribeMe WorkHub. You will have a certain amount of time to transcribe each audio file. Once you have transcribed an audio file, you will submit it for review. If your transcription is approved, you will be paid.

What qualifications do I need to transcribe lyrics on Genius?

To transcribe on TranscribeMe, you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma, be fluent in English, a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute, pass a transcription accuracy test, have a reliable computer with high-speed internet access, and a PayPal account. You can also improve your chances of being accepted by practicing your typing speed and accuracy, learning about transcription grammar and punctuation rules, and practicing transcribing different types of audio files. You can get more information on this resource page.

How much can you earn on TranscribeMe?

The amount of money you make transcribing for TranscribeMe will depend on a number of factors, including your transcription skills, the quality of the audio, and the difficulty of the material. TranscribeMe pays transcribers between $15 and $22 per audio hour( this is just the base pay rate), You may be able to earn more if you are able to transcribe audio files quickly and accurately. However, you have to note that the actual amount of time it takes to transcribe an audio file can vary depending on the length, difficulty, and quality of the audio.

 How do I get paid for my transcriptions?

TranscribeMe only processes payments through PayPal, with no exceptions. If you have no access to a PayPal account, you would not be able to work with them, as they will be unable to compensate you.

Can I work Part-time or Full-time?

You can work as much or as little as you want, part-time or full-time, as long as there is work available. The only activity requirements they enforce are that you submit at least one job per month.

How long are the files to transcribe?

At the start, you will be in the General transcription pool, where full audio files are sliced into small chunks called jobs. These jobs average from 2-4 minutes in length, though some can be as long as 8 minutes.

Can I download the audio file to complete offline?

Users are not allowed to download audio files to complete offline, not for our exams nor for live work. All files must be completed online on the WorkHub. TranscribeMe has built-in audio control to slow down and speed up the audio, so you do not need to purchase a transcription program to work with us.


With Usertesting you earn money by sharing your opinion on products and services.

The concept is simple, You don’t need any prior experience or skills, and it is user friendly.

Companies use UserTesting to get feedback from everyday users like you and before bringing their products public.

As a tester, you browse available product tests covering sites, apps, videos and more. When you find one that interests you, you take a screening survey to see if you qualify. Qualified testers then get granted access to preview the product for about 20 minutes while recording your screen and thoughts.

Once you complete a test, you get paid cash via PayPal. Payouts are fast, usually within a week.

Earnings start at $10 per test, making this a great way to earn extra money in your free time with minimal effort.

Don’t think of UserTesting in terms of just quick cash, The feedback you provide helps companies identify issues and refine the user experience before launch. So you have to sincerely tryout the App/website/service and give a detailed feeback on what you liked, your dislike and what can be improved as you examine the product step-by-step..

As you gain more experience, you may get invited to more exclusive tests with higher payouts. Top performers can earn over $60 per test. While it takes time to reach that level, the potential is there.

What kind of tests can I take?

You can test all sorts of products, services, websites and apps. Common tests include evaluating website interfaces, trying new mobile apps, checking out advertising concepts, giving feedback on prototype products, and more. There are new opportunities daily across diverse categories.

How much does UserTesting pay?

UserTesting pays $10 per test on average. However, payouts can range from $5 for shorter tests to over $60 for more involved product evaluations. The exact pay rate depends on factors like test length, your demographic, and test demand. Top performers earn significantly more over time.

Is there a minimum payout amount before cashing out?

No, there is no minimum payout threshold on UserTesting. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal after completing a single test if you wish. Payments are usually processed within a week of test completion. This makes earnings readily accessible.

How do I get selected for more tests?

Completing your user profile thoroughly is key. The more demographic data you provide, the more qualified you become for a wider range of test opportunities. Providing thoughtful feedback and maintaining a high star rating for completed tests also helps you get selected more often.

Can I fail a test?

There are no “passes” or “fails” on UserTesting. You simply provide your honest thoughts and perspectives on the product or service being tested. As long as you complete the test fully and thoughtfully, your work will be approved and paid out per the stated rate.

4. Brave

If you spend a lot of time online anyhow, Brave provides a way to get compensated for your attention while protecting your data.

Brave rewards users with crypto tokens simply for surfing the internet. Opting into Brave Rewards earns you Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) as you browse.

The tokens are earned by viewing ads displayed as notifications.

You can choose how many ads you want to see. The more ads you view, the more BAT you accumulate over time.

Once your BAT balance reaches a minimum threshold of 25 BAT (around $5), you can transfer the tokens out of your Brave wallet. BAT can be exchanged for real rewards like gift cards from major brands like Amazon and Starbucks.

You can also trade BAT for cryptocurrency on exchanges or hold it as an investment. Either way, your everyday internet browsing generates tangible earnings.

Beyond making money, Brave offers users a faster, ad-free browsing experience. It blocks invasive trackers and ads, improving speed and privacy. Brave also allows you to support your favorite online creators by donating BAT to their channels.

How much can I earn per month with Brave Rewards?

Monthly earnings depend on your browsing habits but generally range from $5-20 in BAT tokens for active users. Heavy Brave users can potentially earn more per month.

When can I withdraw my BAT earnings?

You must accumulate at least 25 BAT before you can transfer tokens out of your Brave wallet (around $5). Withdrawals are enabled on the 5th of each month.

What types of ads does Brave display?

Brave shows simple notification-style ads for regular products/services. No pop-ups, animations or videos. The ads are based on your browsing interests but not personal data.

Does Brave work on mobile?

Yes, you can earn BAT tokens through both the desktop and mobile (iOS/Android) versions of the Brave browser app.

Is Brave safe and legal to use?

Yes, Brave is a fully legitimate, privacy-focused browser. All aspects including Rewards comply with regulations in the jurisdictions Brave operates in.


Clarity.fm connects individuals seeking advice and expertise with vetted professionals willing to offer insights via phone calls. Experts set their own per-minute rates, take booked calls when convenient, and get paid for sharing their knowledge.

The process of making money on Clarity.fm involves first creating a detailed expert profile highlighting your background, skills, credentials, and specific topics you provide advice on. The more comprehensive your profile, the more likely you are to get booked by clients seeking your expertise.

Next, you set your rates, with a minimum of $1 per minute. Experts with celebrity status can charge over $10 per minute for specialty advice. When your profile is approved, you’ll appear in search results and can begin receiving booking requests.

After getting booked, you schedule a call at your and the client’s convenience. The call takes place over Clarity’s platform, allowing easy recording and billing. Following each call, clients leave a review and you receive payment via PayPal.

If you want to become top-rated on Clarity, the hack is to create an authoritative profile in your niche so people view you as an expert worth the premium rates. Over time, as you get more bookings and 5-star reviews, you can increase your rates and income. In this way, Clarity lets you profit directly from sharing your specialized knowledge.

What kind of experts succeed on Clarity?

Experts with niche skills, professional credentials, specialized knowledge, and the ability to provide smart advice do well on Clarity.

How much can I charge per minute?

You set your own rate, with a $1/minute minimum. Top experts charge $10-$20/minute in fields like business consulting, health, and technology.

When do I get paid for call sessions?

Payment is processed automatically via PayPal after each call. Funds are available in your account within a few days.

Can I choose when to take client calls?

Yes, you control your availability, set blackout times, and only accept bookings during hours convenient for you.

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is a phone and internet connection. Clarity schedules and connects all call sessions on their platform.


In case you don’t know what they are, CAPTCHAs are those squiggly text images used by websites to verify that a visitor is a human and not a bot, especially when filling out online forms. Short-form for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

CAPTCHAs have become part of our daily experience on the internet, and Companies like Coinbase, Ticketmaster, and others generate enormous volumes of CAPTCHAs to protect their sites, more than their own staff can solve. So they outsource the work to individual CAPTCHA solvers.

The process works like this:

You sign up with a CAPTCHA-solving service like Anti-Captcha or 2Captcha that serves as middleman and provide payment details. Then you gain access to an interface that feeds you CAPTCHAs from paying clients.

When you correctly solve the CAPTCHA, you get credited a small fee, typically around $1 per 1000 CAPTCHAs solved. Earnings accumulate until you hit the payout threshold, which is usually around $10-$20.

The work is tedious, requiring manually typing out thousands of convoluted words and numbers. But the cashout earnings can supplement your income if you have spare time.

Some tips are to use pattern recognition skills to solve CAPTCHAs quickly. Work in short bursts so you don’t get burned out. You can also use auto-refreshing plugins to feed you new CAPTCHAs as you complete them to speed up earnings.

Keep in mind this won’t make you rich, as even diligent solvers average $2-4 per hour. That said, CAPTCHA-solving services are in demand, so this provides a way to monetize them in your downtime.

What sites pay for solving CAPTCHAs?

Platforms like 2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, and Kolotibablo connect CAPTCHA solvers to clients that need them solved at scale like Ticketmaster.

What skills do I need?

You need decent eyesight, pattern recognition abilities, fast typing skills, and high patience/focus in solving thousands of repetitive CAPTCHAs.

When can I withdraw my earnings from CAPTCHA solving?

Most services have a minimum payout amount of $5-10. Once you reach the threshold, you can request a withdrawal to PayPal or other payment processors.

Can I use software to automate solving?

No, automated bots are prohibited. All CAPTCHAs must be manually solved by human input only.

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SavvyConnect is a market research program that allows you to earn money by sharing your online browsing data with Luth Research. Luth Research is a market research company that uses SavvyConnect to collect data on online shopping, media consumption, and other online activities.

SavvyConnect is a completely voluntary program. You can opt-in or opt-out at any time. If you opt-in, you will be asked to install a small browser extension that will collect data on your online activities. This data includes the websites you visit, the products you view, and the ads you click on.

In exchange for sharing your data, you will earn a small amount of money each month. The amount of money you earn will depend on how much data you share. You can also earn additional money by participating in surveys and other market research activities.

To get started, you download the free SavvyConnect app on iOS or Android from savvy connect website. After setting up a profile, you will be invited to participate in research studies and get paid for each study, while you earn more if you allow SavvyConnect to collect data about your web browsing and app usage (This may qualify you for additional research studies).

The minimum payout threshold is $10. This means that you need to earn at least $10 before you can request a payout.  Once you have reached the minimum payout threshold, you can request a payout. You can request a payout through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.  It can take up to 10 business days for your payout to be processed.

Is SavvyConnect available worldwide?

Currently, SavvyConnect is available worldwide. However, not all countries are eligible to participate. You can check if your country is eligible by going to the SavvyConnect website and entering your country in the Eligibility field.

Does SavvyConnect work on iOS and Android?

Yes, you can download the free SavvyConnect app from the App Store or Google Play to start earning on iPhone or Android devices.

How do I qualify for missions on SavvyConnect?

Missions target specific demographics. By giving detailed profile info, you may qualify for missions based on your age, gender, interests, etc.

What kinds of tasks can I complete on SavvyConnect?

Tasks involve giving opinions on products, testing websites and apps, reviewing advertisements, taking surveys, and participating in other market research activities.

When can I cash out my earnings?

You can redeem for PayPal once you earn 1000 points ($10). There is no minimum cash-out amount.

Is my personal data secure on SavvyConnect?

Yes, SavvyConnect protects your info and only shares it anonymously with clients doing market research.


Prolific is an online platform that connects researchers looking for survey participants with people willing to provide insights and opinions in exchange for cash rewards. It offers a legitimate way to earn extra money in your spare time by completing academic studies and market research surveys.

To start earning, create a free account on Prolific and complete your user profile. This allows you to qualify for surveys when researchers send invites to participants that match the demographic needs of each study. Available studies are listed on your account dashboard.

Prolific screens out low-quality survey providers and spam offers. Most surveys come directly from university researchers looking for high-quality data. This means the surveys pay well and are consistent.

When you find a survey that fits, you take the 10-15 minute questionnaire and provide your honest thoughts. Survey topics span academia, scientific research, new products, political opinions….

Surveys can be done via desktop or mobile browser. New study invites are sent multiple times per day. You can easily track and manage your account dashboard to see available surveys.

For each completed survey, you are rewarded a cash payout that averages around $6.50. Your earnings accumulate in your Prolific account balance, which you can cash out anytime with no minimum threshold. Payouts are sent via PayPal.

How often can I take surveys on Prolific?

New surveys are posted daily based on your demographics, so there is a steady stream of potential studies to take.

When do I get paid for completing surveys?

You receive your reward immediately upon successfully submitting a completed survey on Prolific.

How do Prolific surveys pay compared to other sites?

Prolific pays higher than most survey sites, averaging $6-10 per survey. Payments come via PayPal and are sent out immediately after completion.

What is the average payout for Prolific surveys?

Most surveys pay between $6-10, with an average of around $6.50 per completed survey.

Does Prolific have a mobile app?

No, Prolific is only available as a website at prolific.co, but it is mobile-friendly and easy to use on smartphones.

Can I cash out earnings anytime on Prolific?

Yes, you can withdraw your Prolific account balance to PayPal anytime with no minimum payout required.


Freecash is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that rewards you with cash for completing simple online tasks. It offers a variety of ways to earn, including taking surveys, testing websites and games, watching videos, and downloading apps.

Create a Freecash account, browse the available earning offers on the platform:

Paid Surveys – Take surveys from research companies and earn cash for your opinions. Surveys range from $0.25 – $2.

Website Testing – Evaluate new websites and apps. Give your feedback on things like site flow, functionality, layout, bugs and more. Tests pay $3 – $5 ot more.

Mobile App Testing – Download new apps to your device and assess the install process, ease of use, features and overall experience. Earn up to $5 per tested app.

Playing/Testing Games – Get paid to play and critique new online games. Earnings range from $1 – $20 per game depending on complexity and time involvement.

Watching videos – Earn by letting short ads and video clips play on your device. Videos pay a few cents each.

Completing sign up offers – Get paid to sign up for partner offers like newsletters and free trial subscriptions. Rewards vary by offer.

Once you complete offers and accumulate earnings in your Freecash account balance, you can cash-out your rewards via Paypal or gift cards.

What is the minimum cash out amount?

You can withdraw your Freecash earnings via PayPal starting at just $1. There is no minimum payout threshold.

How long do payouts take?

PayPal withdrawals are processed within 48 hours. Gift card rewards are delivered instantly to your account upon redemption.

What tasks pay the most?

Testing new games and apps tends to pay more than surveys on Freecash. Some app tests pay up to $5 and games up to $20 based on complexity.

Is Freecash available outside the US?

Yes, Freecash has a global user base and is open to users worldwide as long as PayPal is available in your country.

Does Freecash have mobile apps?

Yes, Freecash offers iOS and Android mobile apps so you can complete tasks and earn rewards on your device.

Is Freecash legitimate?

Yes, Freecash has paid out over $2 million to members since they were founded in 2020. They maintain an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau website.

While certainly not get-rich-quick schemes, these websites gives anyone the opportunity to productively monetize their spare time. Whether you enjoy taking surveys, browsing websites, transcribing lyrics, or sharing opinions, options exist to turn those activities into cash.

An Extra daily income, no matter how small, a few dollars here and there can add up over time. An extra $100 or more per month simply by dedicating a little time on the weekends or evenings to this could help cover your phone bill, groceries, and date nights.

Utilize these 9 sites concurrently to maximize your earnings potential.

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