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Over the last 12 months, I’ve tried out hundreds of crazy AI audio generation tools. I’ve discovered some truly amazing tools that can do everything, from enhancing speech to generating music to building conversations using text-to-speech.

With even more advances in AI audio coming in this year, I wanted to share 7 free tools that have absolutely blown my mind.

1. Adobe Speech Enhancer: Instantly Remove Background Noise

The first tool on my list has been a game-changer for making my podcast and video audio sound like TV-quality production with just the press of a button.

Adobe’s Speech Enhancer is a super useful free AI tool that can clean up any audio recording in just seconds. If you’ve ever struggled to remove echo or background noise from a podcast, this tool does an incredible job of using AI to isolate the vocal track and remove everything else.

You’re left with crystal clear speech in a matter of seconds – something that normally requires expensive software and advanced audio editing skills.

To show you how well it works, here’s a before and after. First, listen to me recording in a conference room with the window open. It’s pretty echoey and there’s background noise:

It’s like I suddenly sound like I’m recording in a professional studio – all of the distracting background noise and echo is just gone! This is an absolute must-try tool if you record any kind of audio.

2. AudioBox by Meta: Generate Custom Voices & Sounds

Our next AI audio tool comes from Meta’s AI research lab. AudioBox can generate custom voices and sound effects using a mix of voice samples and text prompts. This makes it super easy to create audio for games, videos, and podcasts.

Some of the key things AudioBox can do:

  • Restyle an existing voice sample to change the tone, accent, age etc.
  • Generate sound effects like rain, engines, and animals.
  • Remove background noise from speech.
  • Replace sounds in an existing track.

They also have an “AudioBox Studio” where you can have a text-to-speech conversation between different computer voices by typing lines of dialogue. You can also record your voice, making it easy to generate an entire audio drama!

Overall AudioBox is an extremely versatile set of AI audio tools, and being from Meta’s top AI lab means it’s only going to get more advanced. Well worth playing around with.

3. mubert: Generate AI Music With Text Prompts

If you’re looking to generate AI music, mubert is an awesome free tool to try.

To create an AI music track, you just enter a text prompt with details like genre, mood and instruments. Select the length, hit generate and boom – original AI-generated music!

Some examples of prompts:

  • “Upbeat folk music with guitar and piano, 90 seconds”
  • “Cinematic trailer music, dark and intense, 2 minutes”
  • “Calming piano solo in a classical style, 3 minutes long”

You can also upload an existing song as an example for the AI to learn from. This makes it easy to get custom background music for videos or other projects.

While it probably won’t replace your favorite human musician any time soon, mubert shows the huge potential for AI to assist creativity rather than replace it.

4. Soundraw: Search AI Music by Mood & Genre

My team and I often use sites like Epidemic Sound for background music in videos. However, finding the perfect track can be tedious and time-consuming.

Soundraw speeds up the process by generating music based on your requested mood, genre etc using AI.

The interface makes it super quick – just move some sliders to indicate a mood (happy, sad, calming etc), select your preferred genres, and hit “generate”.

Seconds later you’ll have a fresh new music track to use. It may lack the polish of human-composed music, but it’s fantastic for quick background audio when you don’t want to worry about copyright.

Alright, this next one is a pretty wild and fun AI experiment!

5. Voice Mod AI: Build Song Lyrics Using AI Vocals

VoiceMod AI is known mostly for its real-time voice changer software. But its latest AI tool lets you enter lyrics and then auto-generates a full song including instruments and AI vocals.

You can pick from different vocal styles – pop, rock, rap, robot and alien voices! Enter your song lyrics, hit generate and you’ve got yourself an AI-powered music video by the end.

The results can be glitchy but provide some hilarious karaoke-style entertainment. Here’s a sample I created:

While it may not be destined for the top charts, VoiceMod’s lyrics-to-song AI is crazy impressive considering it only launched recently and will no doubt keep improving. Worth trying for some meme-worthy musical chaos!

6. Suno: Advanced Text-to-Song AI Generator

For more advanced AI music generation, Suno has an awesome text-to-audio tool specifically focused on generating full songs.

Created by actual musicians, Suno provides way more control than most AI music platforms. As well as giving a basic genre/mood prompt, you can include:

  • Detailed song structure (verse, chorus etc).
  • Specific melodies/chords to use.
  • Lyrics with notes on phrasing.
  • References to other songs as inspiration.

This level of input makes it easy to guide the AI in creating exactly what you want. And the ability to provide lyrics rather than just instrumental music opens up way more possibilities.

The results aren’t flawless but can definitely pass for real music – check out this indie-pop song I generated as an example! The more direction you give Isono, the better quality it can produce.

7. Vocal Remover: Isolate Vocals & Music With AI

Last up is Vocal Remover – a site offering a full suite of AI audio tools 100% free. These can be great for editing and working with audio:

  • Vocal Isolation: Instantly remove vocal tracks from songs.
  • Background Removal: Extract just the vocal track from mixed audio.
  • Audio Joiner: Combine multiple audio clips seamlessly.

Normally these advanced tasks require expensive software and audio engineering expertise. But Vocal Remover makes it easy and completely free!

For example, in 30 seconds I managed to isolate just the vocals from a full pop song. The AI acapella sounded glitchy in parts but was still very impressive considering it’s free.

So if you ever need to tweak an audio track in some way, Vocal Remover should be your first stop before paying for pro tools!

Time To Try Out The AI Audio Future!

Hopefully, you’re as blown away as I am by what AI can achieve in the audio realm already. And we’re just scratching the surface of what will be possible in the next few years.

So grab your microphone, fire up one of these 7 tools, and start experimenting! I’ve linked to each one above, they’re 100% free to try.

Let me know which tools you find most useful or if you manage to create anything fun. And make sure to subscribe for more AI content like this!

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