25+ Useful Websites That Will Make Your Life Easier

25+ Useful Websites That Will Make Your Life Easier

We use the internet every day for various things – staying connected with friends and family, getting work done, finding information, entertainment, you name it.

But even as avid internet users, there are likely hundreds if not thousands of useful websites that we have yet to discover.

In this expansive list, I will highlight over 25 powerful and useful websites that you may or may not know about, but should definitely check out.

These websites cover a wide range of categories from shopping and travel, to graphics and images, writing assistance, finance, gaming, photography, and artificial intelligence applications.

I have personally checked out all these websites mentioned here and I was amazed at how handy many of them are. So get ready to seriously upgrade your internet experience!

Shopping and Coupons

Let’s start with some websites that can help you save money while shopping online.


This first website allows you to enter your ZIP code and get a list of all the current sales happening at local stores near you.

Click on any store circular ad and you can directly add items from it to a shopping list on the website. This makes it easy to plan out and track deals as you grocery shop.


Have you ever come across a coupon code box while checking out online but didn’t have a discount code to enter?

Honey helps you instantly find and apply the best coupon codes when you shop online. The browser extension automatically tries out available coupons during checkout and applies the one with the highest savings for you.

Travel Planning

If you’ve got trip planning coming up, these websites will make it much easier.


Roadtrippers allows you to visually map out trips with multiple stops. You enter your basic road trip route details like start point, end point and total days.

It then plots the route on a map and shows you interesting places to visit along the way. You can customize exactly which types of attractions to show too.

Kayak Explore

Similar to Roadtrippers, Kayak Explore lets you visually plan out a multi-destination trip but with flights instead of drives.

Enter where you’re flying from and click multiple destinations to route a journey with various legs. It’ll then show flight search results to help compare and book the flights.

Graphics and Images

If you work with images, drawings, graphic design or even website design, these next websites should go straight to your bookmarks bar.


Upload any image with a background on RemoveBG and it will instantly cut out and remove the background for you using AI, leaving just the main subject. This works with photos or drawings.

The resulting transparent background images come in handy for graphic design work, mockups or using on your website.

RemoveBG’s AI is very good at accurately separating intricate details like hair, glasses, smoke or complex scenery.


Dubbed “online Photoshop”, Photopea provides a ton of advanced, Photoshop-like image editing tools right in your web browser, entirely for free.

Anything from removing backgrounds, applying filters, working with layers, masks is possible without having to install any software.

Canva graphic design maker

Canva makes easy graphic design accessible to anyone without knowing complex graphic design software.

The web app provides professionally designed templates for creating social media posts, posters, logos, videos, reports, infographics, resumes and just about any visual content you can think of.

Figma graphic design platform

Similar to Canva, Figma provides browser-based graphic design tools to create icons, logos, presentations, posters and entire websites. It’s also great for collaborating with team members remotely on design projects.

Writing Assistance

If you find yourself writing lots of articles, stories, essays, emails or other content, these AI-powered writing assistant websites will come in very handy.

Rytr AI Writing Assistant

RYTR will generate entire articles or essays on a topic you choose within minutes.

Simply provide a title, topic keywords and length. RYTR’s AI will then research the topic to put together unique, well-organized and properly cited content ready for you to use.

You can further edit or rewrite anything to fit your needs. There are some really good alternatives to Rytr like;

Wordplay AI – The #1 Long-form AI writer. Create 2000+ words in one click.

Reword – AI Assistant for High-quality Blogging Content.

Copy.ai – AI Copywriting on Autopilot

You can find the full list of the best Ai writing tools here

Quillbot Paraphraser

If you already have a draft written but need help improving the wording and phrasing, Quillbot is amazing.

Paste your text, adjust settings like tone and formality, and let Quillbot’s AI rewrite and enhance your writing by suggesting more clear and compelling alternative words, phrases and sentences.

Google Docs

Don’t underestimate good ol’ Google Docs. While editing documents, make use of the built-in grammar and spellcheck by clicking Tools > Spelling and Grammar.

This checks entire documents for errors and provides suggested corrections as you type. For improving readability, try the “Simplify” option which rewords sentences to be clearer.

Finance and Productivity

Managing your money and getting things done just got easier with these websites.

Tiller Money

Tiller Money connects all your financial accounts like bank, loan, investment, retirement and credit card accounts.

It automatically imports all transaction data into Google Sheets or Excel giving you a single place to see your complete financial picture and analyze spending trends over time.

FutureMe email delivery service

FutureMe lets you easily write an email to your future self by scheduling a customized delivery date.

Write your message, pick any date and time in the future and FutureMe will deliver the email to you on that date.

It’s perfect for setting goals, predictions, memories or advice you want to revisit later.

Focusmate virtual coworking

For anyone trying to tackle big projects, beat procrastination or improve productivity, Focusmate facilitates a simple 50-minute coworking session over video with an accountability partner.

Having someone else working alongside you in quiet focus makes it much easier to stay on task and get stuff done. Sessions can be booked 24/7.


Gamers listen up! Here are some seriously awesome gaming websites you’ll wish you knew about sooner.

HowLongToBeat game lengths

Type in any video game name on the site to see the average game completion times submitted by other gamers.

Results show the main story length, main + extra content length and completionist length. Use it to estimate how long a new game will realistically take you and plan your game sessions accordingly.

RandomSteamGame roulette

Can’t decide what to play next from your Steam library backlog?

RandomSteamGame will randomly pick a game from your Steam account to play, easily settling any decision paralysis—filter by genres and rating thresholds to narrow down game selections too.

MiniClip casual browser games

MiniClip hosts a huge collection of fun online games playable instantly in-browser across various genres — action, puzzle, sports, card and others.

No downloads required. Great for killing some time or taking a quick break. Many childhood web game classics lived on MiniClip.

Photography & Videography

If photography or videography is your thing, you’ll find these websites super useful.

Photography light diagram recreations

This site contains a library of lighting setup diagrams from iconic celebrity portraits spanning decades.

Pick any image for details on the exact positioning of key lights, rim lights, reflectors and fill lights used to achieve that shot’s look. Recreate the pro lighting setup yourself next time you shoot portraits.

Videvo stock video clips

Videvo offers beautiful cinematic stock videos of locations worldwide that you can use for free with attribution.

Useful for any video projects needing b-roll footage or stylish background video clips to cut between scenes. Tons of variety across cities, landscapes nature and lots more to peruse.

Unscreen Video background removal

Unscreen uses AI to instantly remove video backgrounds. This could be the wall behind you in your office, or any other stuff you don’t want to show.

This works for Zoom calls, YouTube videos, TikTok clips or any other videos. The resulting clean background makes it easy to layer in your own virtual background instead.

AI Applications

Artificial intelligence and machine learning has unlocked all kinds of remarkably useful web apps lately. Here are some of my favorites.

Wombo AI-generated art

This site uses AI to generate unique artwork based on any text prompts you enter.

Wombo’s neural network creates original, detailed digital images and illustrations from your text prompt within seconds. The results are good for social media posts or profile pictures.

Artbreeder image hybrids

Artbreeder harnesses AI to blend attributes of two images into creative fusions.

Select any two photos or works of art which will be mathematically cross-pollinated. For example, combine Albert Einstein’s facial features with the Mona Lisa. The network outputs new images inheriting elements from both inputs.

DALL-E AI images

Text-to-image AI models like DALL-E 2 which generates pictures from any text description have become insanely advanced lately.

You can access DALL-E directly through OpenAI, or Microsoft Bing. Type a text prompt and the API produces a stunning AI-generated output for you to use.

Bonus Niche Tools

Finally, here’s a quick mix of extra useful niche websites that don’t fall under any specific category.

Adobe podcast enhancer

Adobe enhancer applies professional audio enhancement to podcasts including volume normalization, noise reduction, compression and eq balancing.

You can process episodes of your audio to make them sound polished before publishing. Useful for anyone recording/editing podcasts, music or videos.

Turn images into STL 3D printing files

This site easily converts portrait photos into 3D printable STL model files.

Upload any headshot image and it will get geometrically mapped to a 3D mesh ready for 3D printing. It’s like creating custom 3D selfie figurines. The static posed models works great for merch or collectible mini-fig gifts. Another web app that does this is Embossify.

I don’t know about you, but my browser bookmark folders are now considerably more populated after discovering all these handy web apps and tools!

I hope you found a few new useful additions to add to your toolkit.

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