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How we write and create content is changing very fast, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. AI tools are helping writers, marketers, bloggers and everyday users create content more easily.

you no longer have to struggle with writer’s block, staring at a blank page. AI can write like humans, brainstorm headlines, understand how a piece of content is structured, suggest fresh angles, check your grammar and give helpful tips to make your writing better. It’s almost like having a digital second brain.

These AI writing tools may not replace a human writer completely, but they’re great at making the writing process faster and smarter.

So, if you’re looking to write more efficiently, this post will introduce you to the top 10 AI writing tools you should try this year.

Let’s dive in!

What Are AI Writing Tools and How Do They Work?

Before jumping into the top recommendations, let’s briefly explain what AI writing tools are and how they work.

At a basic level, AI writing tools are software programs that help generate, rewrite, or enhance written content. Some of the main capabilities include:

  • Automated content generation – The tool creates new blog posts, social media captions, ads, emails, and other content from scratch using NLG (natural language generation). You provide some initial prompts and parameters.
  • Rewriting assistance – You provide an existing draft piece of content. The tool will rewrite sentences or entire sections to improve clarity, engagement, structure, etc.
  • Brainstorming and outlining – The tool provides relevant ideas, questions, headings and other elements to help kickstart the writing process.
  • Copy editing – This includes fixing grammar, spelling, punctuation issues, checking tone, formality and reading level.

The main technology powering these features is NLP (natural language processing). This allows the tool to analyze written text and “understand” the meaning behind words to provide intelligent suggestions and responses.

This means spending less time struggling with writer’s block or editing and more time publishing great content quickly!

Now let’s get into the top 10 AI writing tools to try in 2024:

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1. Jasper – Best for All-in-One Content Creation

Jasper is my top recommendation for an all-in-one AI content assistant. Jasper makes it easy to research ideas, create drafts, rewrite existing posts, manage projects and collaborate with teams.

Although Jasper has many impressive features, there are a few capabilities that stand out for me:

Useful Content Templates and Frameworks

Jasper includes tons of templates and frameworks to kickstart different types of writing projects quickly:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media updates
  • Amazon product descriptions
  • Sales emails/funnel frameworks
  • Press releases
  • Guest posting pitches
  • Marketing campaign briefs

Their new “Dynamic Brief” feature lets you create flexible templates that auto-populate with variables you define like names, locations, prices etc.

Yes, Jasper AI does have a feature called “Dynamic Templates”. This feature allows you to create customized templates based on your end goal. If you don’t see a template you need or don’t know where to start on a blank page of the document editor, Dynamic Templates can guide you to create your desired content.

Some Use cases of what you can do with the Dynamic Template:

  • Industry-specific blog post
  • Listicle-style full-length blog post
  • 3-part cold email campaign
  • Google ad campaign
  • Social media campaign brief
  • Social media posts for primary engagement platforms
  • Landing page optimized for search engines

Dynamic Templates saves you time in creating customized templates for whatever goal you may have.

Creates Content Matching Your Brand Voice

Every writer has a distinct style. Jasper’s “Brand Voice” tool allows you to train the AI by providing examples of your best writing.

It learns to mimic your tone, diction, and formatting quirks to content that sounds just like you, making sure it fits your brand identity perfectly.

Simple Collaborative Workflow

Create teams to manage access and permissions. Assign writing tasks to specific people. Share drafts back and forth with inline commenting.

Jasper makes it simple to outsource writing or collaborate across departments without difficulty.

With its combination of quality and ease of use, Jasper earns the top spot on today’s list. TRY JASPER AI FOR FREE

2. Sudowrite – Long-form Fiction Writing

While Jasper targets business content, Sudowrite specializes in crafting more literary long-form writing like stories, novels, poems, letters, and scripts.

It analyzes the creative elements within text related to imagery, symbolism, emotion, and style. This allows Sudowrite to augment fiction writing uniquely:

Vivid Scene Description Tools

The “Describe” module in sudowrite helps authors paint detailed images related to:

  • Sight – visual landscape, characters, colors, lighting
  • Sound – background noises, music, dialogue cues
  • Smell/taste – food, object scent descriptions
  • Touch/feel – texture details

These vivid sensory cues pull readers deeper into the scene.

Character and Plot Development Brainstorming

If you are stuck trying to craft interesting characters or story ideas, Sudowrite gives you writing prompts to help you come up with new ideas;

  • “Twists” – Suggests unexpected story arcs and turns
  • “Characters” – Personality types, quirks, secrets, goals
  • “Shrink Ray” – Micro-scene ideas to expand
  • “Poem” – Convert prose into verse

And many other creative ideas to help you overcome writer’s block.

Rewrite Tool for Revision

Even the best authors don’t always nail their script on the first draft. And that’s where this tool comes in.

If you write fiction, Sudowrite is an invaluable addition to your toolbox.

You can take any paragraph or page and put it into Sudowrite, and it will use new words and images to rewrite it, giving you fresh ideas for you to review. TRY SUDOWRITE FOR FREE

3. Reword – AI Assistant for Blogging

Bloggers know creating consistent high-quality content is challenging. Reword is an AI assistant focused squarely on assisting the blogging process.

Unlike other tools that write full posts for you, Reword is more collaborative. It provides useful ideas, questions, and suggestions to incorporate while writing your drafts.

A few helpful examples include:

Curated Headings and Subtopics

Outlining posts is time-consuming. Reword listens to the core topic and then suggests relevant headings and subsections to cover based on analysis of what readers want to know.

This gives a “table of contents” to guide you in writing your draft. As you go, you can continue asking Reword for additional questions and sections to add.

Answers Reader Questions

Ask common questions readers may ask about your blog niche, and Reword will supply paragraph-long answers you can import right into posts.

This helps address reader intent beyond just targeting keywords.

The Rewrite Tool

Reword’s specialty is providing writing inspiration, not publishing-ready text.

But if you paste in any sloppy draft section, Reword rewrites it with improved clarity, engagement and coherence. You can then take back the improved version and polish it further.

For bloggers who value writing their posts with AI assistance, Reword offers an excellent collaboration. TRY REWORD AI FOR FREE

4. INK A.I. – Natural Language Search Engine

INK A.I. takes a unique approach by allowing you to query search engines for writing inspiration and facts.

Think of it like a supercharged Google for generating content quickly.

Unlike rigid keyword searches on normal search engines, with INK you ask your questions naturally as if querying a person:

“What causes inflammation in the body?”

“How do interest rates affect housing prices?”

“List 10 tips for better sleep”

INK returns direct answers, lists, quotes, data, and other key nuggets to jumpstart writing your draft on any informational topic:

Variety of Response Types

Ask INK a question, and the AI search engine “understands” it then looks across the web for relevant information to construct an appropriate reply.

You may receive:

  • Paragraph long explanations
  • Bulleted lists
  • Stats and data
  • Quotes or examples
  • Related terminology
  • Further W questions

Having this variety keeps information interactive rather than just plugging in keywords.

Sources Automatically Cited

Every response links back to the original article, study or website used as a reference. This allows for easy citation without the extra work of looking it up.

For non-fiction bloggers and writers, INK is great for quick research and cutting draft writing time significantly. TRY INK AI FOR FREE

5. Writesonic – Affordable AI Writing

Many AI writing tools comes with a high monthly subscription cost. Writesonic offers a generous free version and affordable Pro packages for those watching their budget, but without compromising on quality.

You still get robust features competitive with expensive alternatives:


Quality Content Generation

This AI writing engine creates original long-form content reliably on an incredibly wide variety of niches and use cases:

  • Blog posts
  • Fiction stories
  • News articles
  • Social media updates
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Landing page copy
  • Guest posting pitches
  • Cold sales emails
  • Cover letters
  • Press Release
  • Poem
  • Technical Descriptions

There are about 40+ content types and use cases – few competitors match this range.

Tones and Language Versions

You can further refine the output by selecting among dozens of tones from “analytical” to “humorous” to “inspirational” and languages beyond English like French, German, Arabic and more.

If budget is a main factor, Writesonic packs tremendous AI power at a reasonable price point for individuals or teams. TRY WRITESONIC FOR FREE

6. Copy.ai – AI Copywriting on Autopilot

Copywriting refers specifically to any writing designed to promote, advertise or sell products and ideas. This writing style focuses on crafting persuasive copies via sales psychology principles.

Copy.ai is a leading choice trusted by over 300,000 people worldwide.

The key advantages:

Specialized Formulas for high-conversion

Copywriting is more complex than blogging given the sales psychology and research needed.

Based on this, rather than generic text, Copy.ai incorporates proven sales framework formulas like:

  • AIDA framework – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • PAS framework – Problem, Agitate Solution
  • Before & After Case Study Format

Combined with AI insight, these frameworks boost conversion rates significantly.

Chat Capabilities

The intuitive chat interface makes generating new copies easy. Describe what you want, and Copy.ai will craft it or offer suggestions.

Collections to Organize Campaigns

Group related projects like all assets for a product launch campaign into adjustable Collections.

This helps you keep all your work in one place instead of having different projects and tasks scattered in multiple apps.

Copy.ai is a reliable AI copywriting engine. TRY copy AI FOR FREE

7. INK A.I. – For Search Engine Optimization

Earlier we covered INK for generating content from an AI search engine. INK offers another impressive feature – advanced SEO recommendations.

The SEO tools provide detailed audits of existing pages and helpful ideas to optimize them step-by-step:

Page Analysis

Upload any URL. INK will scan the page and then present a dashboard overview:

  • Readability grade level
  • Keyword opportunities
  • Metadata tweaks needed
  • Link building ideas
  • Competitor benchmarking

Having these multiple indicators in one view helps you identify the best SEO you should focus on next.

Actionable SEO Checklist

INK turns the feedback from the audit into a personalized custom SEO checklist with clear, step-by-step suggestions for improvements.

You can quickly figure out the best ways to improve your website’s ranking because it uses a special algorithm, so there’s no need to guess.

This unique combination of technology and strategic suggestions is something only INK and a few other AI tools offers.

8. Shortly Read – Summarizer for Faster Reading

Reading long documents like reports or research can be a struggle, even for the fastest readers.

Shortly AI tool can read these documents and briefly summarize the important parts.

Imagine having a virtual assistant that can break down a 50-page proposal/document and turn it into a few simple slides before a client call.

Retains Relevant Facts

Shortly Read doesn’t just truncate randomly. The algorithm comprehends full documents, discards fluff then pieces together the most salient points.

This means retaining only factual information critical for understanding versus storing wasted words diluting core ideas.

Multiple Output Formats

You can access the summarized content in different formats that fit your needs:

  • Short bullet points
  • Slides for a presentation
  • Audio read back

If you don’t have much time to read, you can quickly understand the main points and then look at the more detailed parts when you need to. TRY SHORTLY AI FOR FREE

9. Frase – Content Idea Generator

Frase AI specializes in helping you come up with endless content ideas for blog posts, social media posts, videos, ads, and much more with its special Idea Generator tool.

Rather than starting by writing full articles, Frase helps you concentrate on coming up with ideas first.

Start by entering a single root keyword like “coffee” or a broader theme like “kitchen organization ideas”.

Frase then gives you hundreds of suggestions that blend your main keyword or topic with related subtopics, questions, angles and formats from its vast content database.

This combination creatively transforms your initial idea, giving you fresh perspectives that might not have crossed your mind.

Custom Idea Creation

Frase helps you specify the kind of ideas you want with its “guides for creating ideas”.

You can choose from 70+ different content plans. These plans focus on specific goals such as:

  • Beginner tips
  • Trending issues
  • Case studies
  • Controversy & debate
  • Seasonality hooks
  • Suggestions for Guest interview

Using these content plans, you can get very specific suggestions that suit your needs.

Frase makes finding and refining ideas faster. TRY FRASE AI FOR FREE

10. Wordtune – The Grammarly for Clarity

While most writers focus on correcting grammar, Wordtune is unique because it helps improve the clarity of your writing. It checks if your writing flows well, is easy to read, and makes sense.

You can think of it like a version of Grammarly that’s designed to make your writing clear, not just correct your spelling and punctuation.

Readability Analysis

Wordtune points out parts of your writing that might confuse readers:

  • Unclear references
  • Missing context
  • Sentences that are too long
  • Vocabulary/technical jargon

By highlighting these issues, you can fix them right away instead of finding them later.

Clarity Improvement Suggestions

When Wordtune finds parts of your writing that aren’t clear, it gives you ideas on how to fix them:

  • Break up long sentences
  • Add transition words
  • Replace vague phrases
  • Define acronyms/terms

Implementing these tips makes your content more engaging and easier for your audience to understand.

Key Takeaways

AI writing tools are designed to help, not replace, human writers. They can make writing easier and better, allowing writers to focus on important tasks only humans can do.

Here is a recap of what these tools can do:

  • Generate full articles matching brand style
  • Rewrite existing drafts
  • Research content ideas quickly
  • improve logical flow and readability
  • Create vivid imagery with words
  • Apply proven copywriting formulas

Recap of the 10 AI tools we covered:

  1. Jasper – Best for All-in-One Content Creation
  2. Sudowrite – Long-form Fiction Writing
  3. Reword – AI Assistant for High-quality Blogging
  4. INK A.I. – Natural Language Search Engine
  5. Writesonic – Affordable AI Writing
  6. Copy.ai – AI Copywriting on Autopilot
  7. INK A.I. – For Search Engine Optimization
  8. Shortly AI – Summarizer Bots for Faster Reading
  9. Wordtune – The Grammarly for Clarity
  10. Frase – Content Idea Generator

Irrespective of what type of writing you do – blogging, fiction, marketing, journalism, etc. – using AI writing tools can help you do more than you could on your own.

Which of these tools would you be trying?

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