Optimize Your YouTube Experience with these  2 Added AI Features

YouTube recently announced two new AI features currently being tested with a small group of creators and YouTube Premium subscribers: comment organization and conversational AI. These features aim to improve users’ viewing experience by making it easier to navigate discussions and answer questions.

Let’s take a closer look at what these new AI tools can do, who can access them, and how you might be able to try them out yourself.

#1 YouTube AI Feature: An AI Assistant for YouTube Comment Sections

YouTube comment sections are notorious for becoming long and unorganized. The new comment organization feature aims to solve that problem by using AI to sort comments into coherent themes and summaries.

Here’s how it works:

  • The AI scans large comment sections and identifies the main discussion topics.
  • Related comments are grouped together under generated headers summarizing each comment topic/group.
  • Creators and viewers can then more easily dive into specific conversations.

For example, YouTube demonstrated this for popular creator MrBeast’s channel. His comment sections tend to attract hundreds of replies, making it incredibly time-consuming for him to gather feedback.

With AI-powered organization, MrBeast could quickly view comment summaries like:

  • “Ideas for MrBeast’s next challenge video” – featuring viewer suggestions for new video concepts.
  • “Appreciation for giving back to the community” – highlighting positive feedback for his philanthropy.

youtube Ai feature comment topic

Benefits for Creators

This tool could be a game changer for creators like MrBeast with lots of audience engagement. Some of the advantages include:

  • Understanding audience interests – No need to read hundreds of comments. Creators can use summaries to grasp viewers’ main discussion topics, questions, and requests.
  • Inspiration for new content – Identifying popular comment themes can provide video ideas that align with what your audience wants to see.
  • Jumping into discussions – Creators can save time finding conversations to participate in by browsing comment summaries.

Benefits for Viewers

Meanwhile, viewers stand to gain a better commenting experience:

  • Easier to follow conversations – Organized comments promote more structured interactions under topic headers.
  • Encourages participation – Summaries help new commenters quickly get up to speed on ongoing discussions.

So in summary, this new AI assistant has something to offer for both Content creators creators and their audiences.

#2 YouTube AI feature: An Interactive AI Chatbot for Getting Your Questions Answered

YouTube also showcased an impressive conversational AI feature that introduces an intelligent chatbot right on the video page.

Viewers who enable this tool will see an “Ask” button underneath the videos they watch. Clicking it launches a chatbot that can:

  • Answer questions about the video topic
  • Suggest related content to watch next
  • Respond with relevant links, info, and more

The key benefit here is that fans can get their questions answered without ever leaving the video or disrupting playback.

YouTube highlighted how this chatbot would be incredibly helpful for educational videos. Imagine watching a biology tutorial and having an AI assistant ready to respond to your questions, explain concepts, and even quiz you on what was just covered.

youtube ai ask feature


The limitation currently is that only some videos have access as of now.

The feature will be offered initially only in the U.S. and on Android devices via a new “Ask” option on the video’s watch page. YouTube Premium members can opt into this test starting today, but it won’t appear on every YouTube video as of yet

These innovations show a lot of promise. However, they are still in the early stages and not yet available everywhere.

YouTube mentioned that for now, the tools are limited to:

  • A small subset of videos in English only
  • You cannot activate them as a creator for your channel

Over time, we anticipate YouTube will expand access if the initial testing goes smoothly.

How to Get Early Access as a Viewer

If reading about these new video-enhancing AI features has you wanting to take them for a spin yourself, here is how you can request early access:

Step 1) Become a YouTube Premium subscriber
Step 2) Visit the YouTube Premium benefits page
Step 3) Click “Try experimental new features
Step 4) Toggle the options you want to enable

And that’s it! Again, these are not widely available yet even to Premium members. But subscribing at least gives you the chance to be considered.

The Future Looks Bright with AI

As AI technology continues to advance, we expect to see more big players like YouTube, roll out innovations that improve user experience. These two new features address common pain points for both video creators and their audiences:

  • Struggling to make sense of the endless seas of comments
  • Getting questions answered without disruptions

Although still in their infancy, I’m excited by the potential of AI tools like comment organization and conversational chatbots. And as a creator, I can’t wait until I can activate them on my channel.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts:

  • Which feature sounds more useful to you as a viewer?
  • Are you wary about AI becoming more integrated into online platforms?
  • Have you tried either of these YouTube features yet?

Let me know in the comments! I read and respond to them all. And stay tuned here as I report back once I gain access to further enhance your viewing experience.

What are the two new AI features announced by YouTube?

The two new AI features are comment organization and conversational AI. Comment organization uses AI to sort large comment sections into themes and summaries. The conversational AI feature introduces a chatbot to answer video-related questions without leaving the page.

When will these tools be widely available?

Currently, the features are only being tested on some English videos. There is no set timeline for wider release. It depends on the success of initial testing.

How can I access the features to try them out?

Right now the only way to get early access is by becoming a YouTube Premium subscriber. Then you need to specifically opt-in to “Try experimental new features” from the Premium benefits page.

What types of channels will benefit the most from these AI tools?

Channels with active comment sections will benefit greatly from comment organization. Educational creators will be able to provide interactive learning via conversational AI chatbots.

As a creator, how can I enable the new features?

Unfortunately, creators currently cannot activate either of these features. YouTube needs to provide access, likely on a case-by-case basis depending on channel suitability. Check the YouTube Creator Blog for updates.

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