These 12 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas Can Make You $10,000 a Month

faceless youtube channel ideas

A major concern most people have when Starting a YouTube channel is not wanting to show your face on camera. Interestingly, there are many successful “faceless” YouTubers out there making over $10,000 per month just by focusing on high-demand topics and using engaging stock footage and audio.

I’ll walk you through 12 faceless YouTube channel ideas that have the potential to make $10,000 or more per month in revenue. I’ve analyzed real-world examples for each niche so you can model what’s working.

1. AI News & Trends Analysis

AI and robotics are hot topics right now. The channel Digital Engine taps into people’s curiosity and concern around these subjects. With only 16 videos, they have over 400,000 subscribers and 1.2 million views per month!

Their secret? Attention-grabbing titles focused on “dangerous” AI and consciousness. Then they use ominous music and a voiceover to highlight the latest AI news.

If you created 30-100 solid videos in this niche, you could plausibly get 1 million monthly views as well. At $10 RPM (revenue per 1000 views), that’s $10K per month from AdSense alone! You could also promote relevant AI software as an affiliate for added income.

To find great b-roll and graphics, check out Storyblocks. Their unlimited stock downloads are perfect for tech and news-style videos.

2. Travel Guides

The Before You Go channel publishes helpful city and country guides for travelers. With only 30K subscribers, they generate 1 million views monthly.

The key is consistent content. They’ve uploaded over 800 videos in 2 years. Even with a 4-month break, income continues flowing thanks to old videos. Travel is also a lucrative niche, with $10+ RPM being common.

Creating travel guides is easy with your phone camera and sites like Storyblocks. Do voiceovers highlighting top attractions, food, culture, safety tips, packing lists, etc. Support your advice with b-roll of each location.

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3. Health and Wellness

Channels like Bestie Health demonstrate the power of a viral video strategy. With 3,000 videos published, they’ve accumulated over 4 million subscribers and 600 million views!

Most of their content recaps health insights and natural remedies as a slideshow or compilation video. The footage is relaxing, and audio is upbeat.

Think you can’t compete? This channel proves otherwise. None of their videos have gone ultra-viral. They win through sheer quantity of helpful content. Even 1 million monthly views ($10K income) is possible here.

You could also promote health products as an affiliate or sell your own digital courses via sites like Clickbank and Digistore24.

4. Luxury and Lifestyle

Living a “luxurious” lifestyle is alluring for many. Alux follows this fascination closely with videos about expensive watches, private jets, amazing mansions and more.

The production value is surprisingly simple. Relaxed music plays behind quality b-roll and stock footage. Then they voiceover interesting luxury-related facts and news.

The model clearly works, with 2 million monthly views on 2,000+ videos. Income potential tops $10K per month easily. You might also sell short “Goal Setting” or “Mind Mastery” video courses to their prime affiliate audience.

5. Product Reviews and Affiliate Marketing

Unboxing shiny new tech products is irresistible for lots of people. Top 10 Zone builds an audience around this desire with reviews of tablets, headphones, hiking gear and more.

A key appeal is their exhaustive research. For example, they rank the “Top 10 Tablets Replacing Laptops in 2023” after evaluating options across the web. Supporting b-roll visualizes each product beautifully.

Beyond Amazon affiliate links below each video, they earn sponsorships from brands relevant to their audience. Even 100,000 loyal subscribers can demand 4-figure sponsorships regularly.

In just 1,000 videos, the channel likely earns $10K+ per month already. You could replicate their success by focusing on any product niche you’re passionate about.

6. Sports Commentary and Analysis

Diehard sports fans crave expert commentary on current events, viral moments and famous athletes. Rebound Football recognizes this by avoiding copyrighted game footage entirely.

Instead, videos spotlight individual players using background footage and season highlights legally. The host provides context around controversies, championships, statistics and more from each player’s career. Production value is quite simple for a channel with nearly 6 million monthly views!

You could model this formula across any sport by building audio-rich commentary focused on specific athletes, seasons and news. Sponsors relevant to your niche may also advertise. Income over $10K per month is feasible here.

7. Software and App Recommendations

Recommending helpful apps and software tools on YouTube is incredibly lucrative thanks to affiliate programs. DebtBustersUSA spotlights AI tools for graphics, video editing, voiceovers and more. Creator Kai Davis confirms he easily earns $10K+ per month with a relatively small 200K subscriber channel.

The key is promoting tools with recurring subscriptions instead of one-time purchases. For example, his Video CreatorFX affiliate link earns him $39 per month for every user who stays active. Just 10 sales covers his entire monthly goal of $10K already!

If you enjoy playing with new apps and software tools yourself, this niche offers enormous passive income potential. Focus on viral tools gaining traction each month across various creator categories.

8. Meditation and Wellbeing

Soothing the stressed-out mind with meditation is extremely popular on YouTube. Great Meditation distills this into easy 5-15 minute audio sessions. With 1 million subscribers and 4 million monthly views presently, income exceeds $10K through AdSense alone.

Visually, each video displays a simple background image or even just a solid color. The goal is maximizing focus on the speaker’s voice. Scripts guide the listener to relax and be present. Gentle music also helps the meditative vibe.

You could generate scripts using AI tools or plan sessions yourself as a wellness enthusiast. Record audios in your own soothing voiceover style. Mix in subtle music and minimal graphics or b-roll scenes. This niche scales incredibly well through search and suggested videos.

Just ensure your channel has a clear brand identity in mindfulness, anxiety, sleep, etc. People will subscribe for this specialization. Selling targeted meditation courses boosts income higher also.

9. True Crime and Mystery Analysis

The public fascination with true crime shows no signs of fading. Explore With Us fuels this fire with almost 5 million loyal subscribers! Their 27 million monthly views center around analyzing interrogation footage, killer motives and unsolved cases.

Visually, it’s quite simple. Just display interrogation or investigation files while narrating details of the case. Background music and stock footage fill space nicely.

Thousands tune in for the drama, mystery and psychology around shocking crimes. AdRPM for this genre appears quite high, likely exceeding $10K per month here. Just be sensitive handling such items to avoid trauma or misinformation.

10. Education Videos

Enjoy digesting knowledge on fascinating topics? YouTube loves explainer content, especially on popular search subjects. Philosophies for Life employs fun whiteboard animations to break down philosophers like Marcus Aurelius and their teachings across history. Some videos have 6+ million views, so income scales quickly.

Surprisingly, anyone can create similar whiteboard videos using easy drag-and-drop software like VideoScribe. Then voiceover your lesson script drafting key concepts, definitions and components clearly. Support claims using b-roll footage and graphics.

Education is truly limitless, from anthropology to zoology. Master any topic and teach it creatively! Selling online courses later is simple too.

11. YouTube Success Spotlights

Meta commentaries about successful YouTubers intrigue viewers who want channel growth tips. Paddy Galloway profiles small creators suddenly gaining millions of views. The formula blends a catchy hook, impressive statistics and key takeaways for growth hackers to apply immediately.

Visually, it’s a simple animated whiteboard video made using VideoScribe. The focus remains on the host’s enthusiastic voice acting out the viral story and sharing applicable tactics.

Even with just 140K subscribers and no new uploads in years, his videos still generate 130K views monthly today. That’s an enormous potential audience for selling your own YouTube success course as an affiliate. For example, promoting the TubeMastery training could easily provide five figure monthly commissions.

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12. Make Money Online

Everyone dreams of earning more income working from home. Channels like Cash Pro teach exactly how, from side hustles to affiliate marketing strategies. With nearly 1 million monthly views presently, this genre clearly offers huge demand.

Visually, it’s simple screenshots and b-roll highlighting money-making apps and websites. Animated graphics also showcase statistics and key takeaways as needed. Then friendly voiceovers explain step-by-step processes for viewers to implement the tactics immediately.

Thanks to lucrative financial products advertised on these videos, Adsense RPM commonly reaches $30+. So six-figure annual revenue is quite feasible even before selling any online business training products yourself.

Start Your Successful Faceless Channel Today

As you can see from these 12 examples, YouTube offers endless possibilities for faceless channels to earn over $10,000 per month. Pick a niche that excites you personally and model your production approach after channels already thriving in that space.

Focus on searchable evergreen topics to build your initial audience. Be consistent publishing videos each week. Then later you can diversify income selling merchandise, guides, affiliate offers and more specialized products catering exactly to your fans’ needs.

Most importantly, deliver authentic value that improves lives in some way. Building a supportive community around your content feels incredibly rewarding long-term.

I wish you tremendous success with whichever online video path you follow going forward! Please let me know in the comments if you have any other questions. I’m always happy to help fellow creators reach their first $10K month and beyond. Just remember that with strategic positioning, high-quality production and consistent publishing, you can absolutely dominate any YouTube niche you select.

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